2017 Fish Report SPRING UPDATE!!      


Yes, we got a real winter, finally. Whew. Lots of Snow in the Sierra.  Be prepared for large run-off. Weather expected to be very unstable through May… Dress warm…

YET… and this is weird, but RESERVOIR is BEING LOWERED to possibly 10 percent. The State of Nevada is trying to make room for MEGA RUN-OFF.     

READ THIS LINK…http://www.rgj.com/story/news/2017/04/13/nevada-prepares-potential-katrina-style-spring-flooding/305158001/ 

The Reservoir is only ¼  full of water. We will get water, just much later, maybe not till end of MAY…

So what do we expect in our area for this year?   Fishing, fair to good.  How many “Wilds” are left and did the Browns, that were stocked last Fall, grow?  To early to know right now, but as we get closer to being able to get on water, will let you know.   Ecologically, the Reservoir should be in great shape. Lots of food and good water for the trout. For the opener, launching a boat will only happen near the DAM, Bathtub Area. I think trolling and shore fishing will be the best bets.  Try night crawlers, power bait and lures…  Water temps are still cold so fly fishing will be a challenge.. Streamers a must… FYI The CDFW is quiet right now as to their stocking plans, no surprise there… Mono County   https://www.monocounty.org/ and BFEF   http://www.bridgeportfishenhancement.com/ have been instrumental in supplementing the stocking which I think they will continue. Our thanks to them.  Read below for quick synopsis of full story and solutions to a large problem.

NEW INFO… apparently, the CDFW finally realized there was no need for sterile trout in the Owens River Watershed…   CDFW finally did the PSE’s( Pre Stocking Evaluations required by law),  so DIPLOID PLANTING  will resume in 2018. BUT, here is the crazy part… Diploids, ARE BEING  LEFT OUT from OUR AREA !  Please write himjames.erdman@wildlife.ca.gov , or call to find out why !!  F/G Code 1129 allows him to do the right thing) to decide…  The East Walker has no Native Species to worry about. Factual Truth !!!  This watershed includes Virginia Lakes, Twin Lakes and all the streams. Why the other resort owners are not concerned is beyond me. I think everyone wants to believe our new scientists know all, but in reality, they do not. They are our employees and we actually have the right to question what they do. We would like to see  an audit and investigation into the finances, policies and transparency within the Department.

I suppose our biggest concern is will we get enough trout from the CDFW?  Quick answer. NO… Why?   Broken CDFW (California Department of Fish and Wildlife)..

As I hope you know, it is the Department’s job to manage Hatcheries and stock trout throughout the State. The past few years, stocking has been cut drastically and the introduction of Triploid(sterile) Trout have all but ruined our “wild trout”(Diploids) population. There are many reason’s why this has happened, which I will out line below.

The policy changes that are and have affected our area are mainly due to CDFW  falling “under the spell” of  “special interest groups.” ( CalTrout and Trout Unlimited and others..   they border on eco-terrorism.. if you donate to them, you are indirectly killing our fisheries)

The reasons sterile fish have been stocked for the past 6 years are many but a couple items stand out.

CalTrout and Pacific Rivers Council  successfully sued the CDFW back in 2010 saying all trout in Ca, (THAT HAVE BEEN PLANTED FOR 125 YEARS), were “invasive” and need to be eradicated in order for “NATIVE SPECIES” to survive. THE CDFW did NOT fight back. A problem with that convoluted logic… THERE are NO Native Species left(except GT in Kern, Eagle Lake, etc), none none none… in our watersheds..

SO, I ask, what are we protecting???  Nothing…Lately, the CDFW have successfully gotten rid of MOST  “WILD TROUT”(remember, a wild trout is any trout reared in a watershed and a “Native” is indigenous to the watershed.) Our football size Rainbows are gone.. CONTRARY to what CDFW says and promote,Triploids DO NOT grow faster,  do not survive longer, are sluggish fish, obviously cost a lot more to raise(do we even know who and where the eggs are sterilized????) and completely inferior as a substitute to what we have been planting for 125 years……I still do not understand why the CDFW is still stocking sterile trout..

FYI…I did find that in the F/G Code 1729, a provision exists to allow the local Fishery Managers(Erdman in Bishop) to plant spawning trout. He will not do that..(rumor has it they are thinking in the diploid direction though…finally)As of press time..it will be in 2018)  This whole situation is not scientific, fueled by mis-truths and dis-information being spread around. No thanks to our local media(MT, Sheet, etc. etc.. are you listening??)….  They are silent on this subject.…

What also is disconcerting, is that our Local Leaders(FISH COMMISSION), Supervisors(John Peters and others) and even State Leaders, do not seem to comprehend or care of the dire consequences this non-scientific pathway, the CDFW has chosen, will play out. They can act but have chosen not to do so.. This is our FISHERIES we are talking about !!!  The economic engine and driving force for businesses in California. I urge you all to start speaking out about this Please !!!  Unfortunately, the Mono County entities seem to believe fishing is not all that important to our area stability.  Right.

All this talk we have been hearing lately about the CDFW being broke, over-budget, rising cost, blah blah etc etc….. all untrue… THEY have the MONEY!!!  They are diverting your money to  the “Special Interest” Groups…  Criminal …  If any of you question what I am saying, I have documents and proof.  Also, you may of heard some talk of planting LCT’s. Lahontan Cutthroat Trout… ALL wrong!! They (LCT’s) were indigenous, 100 years ago, to our watershed, but are gone. No hatchery,  21 of them, is planning to raise them !

Bottom Line.. We have a first class fishery in Bridgeport Reservoir and surrounding waters!  I just want to save it. All sportsmen this year NEED to Educate themselves, become more AWARE of what CDFW is doing, get involved if your are so inclined and PLEASE… do not take for granted the FISH we have all caught in the Eastern Sierra for generations, will be here in the future!!!

There are solutions. I have presented a ROADMAP to three  Assemblymen, One Congressman, a Senator (and our local leaders, who, by the way, have no clue of what is happening and seemingly no interest in learning either…) and many others in Sacramento to change some of the rules. This is possible to do. Just need a bit of help !!  Anyone?

I have provided links below for contact info… Contact these people if you want to ensure our fisheries will grow, ask them to end this Triploid nonsense and demand an investigation into the CDFW !!!  Here are some useful “LINKS” always educational and informative about conditions..

CDFW FISHERIES COMMISSION.. This is who we have to contact!!!  President  Mr.Eric Sklar (vineyard owner?) http://www.fgc.ca.gov/public/information/bios.aspx#sklar AND Executive Director  Valerie Termini fgc@fgc.ca.gov  AND CIFF http://www.ciffi.org/contact-ciffi (are they helping or hindering??)  https://waterdata.usgs.gov/nv/nwis/current/?type=lake



Sierradrifters.com  for excellent pictures and updates on our fisheries.
Reagan’s in Bishop,
Reservoir levels
Wingnut ‘s Weather
Mammoth Weather

All for now, have great SPRING, thank you for reading and visiting. and see you all soon !!


Marko Mlikotin at http://www.sportfishingconservation.org
California Sportfishing League   (on our side !!!  great info)
Senator Tom  Berryhill 8th District  http://berryhill.cssrc.us
Congressman Paul Cook  dakota.higgins@mail.house.gov
Assemblyman Bigelow  Dana.Jorgensen@sen.ca.gov
Assemblyman Gallager   Juleah.Cordi@asm.ca.gov
Assemblyman Mathis   grace.robinson@asm.ca.gov   (he said he wanted to help, but so far..??)
CDFW James Erdman  Bishop Office   james.erdman@wildlife.ca.gov (very important you contact him)
And/or   anyone else that may have contact within our Government.. Or Fish or… ??                                             

Mark Clifford, Ph.D.

Statewide Hatchery Coordinator

Senior Environmental Scientist (Specialist)

Office: 530-918-9450

Cell: 916-764-2526                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Kevin Shaffer, Chief

Fisheries Branch

Department of Fish and Wildlife

(916) 327-8841


Local County Supervisor  John Peters  jpeters@mono.ca.gov  


Sierradrifters.com  for excellent pictures and updates on our fisheries.
Reagan’s in Bishop,
MC Tourism
Reservoir levels
Wingnut ‘s Weather
Mammoth Weather

Thank you for reading and visiting. 

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